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   with a High Altitude Atitude


We wanted to include you in this good news and let you know about our recording project so you can look forward to hearing what we’ve been up to. Keep your eyes out for updates as we dive deeper into our recording project. Our projected release date is Spring, 2022.

Our recording project is taking place at dynamic recording studios such as ‘Violet Recording’ and ‘Altitude Recording’ , nestled upside the awe-inspiring Front Range of Boulder, Colorado. We have already logged over 40 hours of recording time this Fall, having completed drum tracks. We’ve had the delight of working with with three of Colorado’s most renowned and talented drummers (Paa Kow , Jonny Jyemo of the Jyemo Club & Ravin’wolf’s own Louie Jordan) and we are currently knee deep in laying down the guitar tracks that will forever be etched in stone.


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You could be the one who kick-starts us over the top of our goal!  Check out all the benefits for becoming a den member on whatever level you’d like.  This is our way of giving something lasting and permanent back to you.  We appreciate the support you’ve shown over the years and having you all at our live shows!  We hope you’ll join us on this fulfilling and creative path!  Long Live Live Music!


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Where the mountains meet the sky, their blues roots and the spirit of true folk rock tradition combined… Ravin’wolf brings you heartfelt, soul-sourced music with Colorado Mountain Spirit and an undying rukind of respect for you, the audience. Thank you for supporting live music.  We’ll bring our best to every show.

Ravin’wolf offers their own unbridled brand of acoustic mountain sagebrush blues jug jam to the stage… swampy slide, psychedelic acoustic rock-fusion…it’s a guitar-groovin’ journey. With stellar male-female vocal harmonies, world class lead guitar work and their own roots blues and folk jam rock originals… Ravin’wolf stokes the fire and brings the ice.

With a high altitude attitude from Boulder, Colorado, Ravin’wolf has been honored with many awards including, the Taster’s Choice Award for “Best Band” at the 2012 Leavenworth Alefest (in Leavenworth, Wa) and a nomination by Seattle’s Washington Blues Society as the Best of the Blues: Best Blues Duo. They have been appearing on music festival stages and small concert venues throughout the Northwest from Oregon to Montana & Alaska, performing their originals and showcasing their signature sound!








We’re Still Us!!!

The AMAZING Acoustic Mountain Guitar Duo Ravin’Wolf  


428458_10151584775037641_803199827_nRavin’wolf got their start in the small mountain town of Roslyn, WA, home of the hit TV series Northern Exposure!  The Early years had them touring through the Wineries and Brew Pubs of the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Colorado. They’ve performed at countless blues and folk festivals, world class breweries, 5 star wineries and exclusive concert and outdoor venues.

 Ravin’Wolf was nominated for Best Blues Duo by the Washington Blues Society in Seattle and found themselves opening up for national acts and painting a trail up and down the west coast.   Along the way, Ravin’Wolf received many awards including the “Best Band Award”  honors at the huge and infamous Leavenworth, Washington Ale Fest.  In 2013, they returned to Jamey’s native land of Boulder, Colorado and continued their juggernaut approach to touring, writing songs and keeping the rubber on the road.  


With excellent guitar work Ravin’wolf  shines, hosting a wide range of energetic, beautiful and soul-sourced, song selections from an all original set list reflecting scenes from their journey AND the amazing remakes of everything from swampy pre-war blues to classic jam-band cover tunes and folk rock classics. Ravin’wolf has released 2 full length studio CD’s and a live CD.

“We love to have a fun, interactive relationship with our audience and we bring the talent it takes to lift the listener up to a new level with a high-energy groove that fills the space with a higher grace.”


 For more info please visit us at… 

reverbnation.com/ravinwolf AND facebook.com/RAVINWOLF